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The Essential Planner

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The Essential Planner is the ideal accountability tool for the entrepreneur who wants to pursue and achieve their personal and business goals. The planner aims to bridge your vision to success through careful planning in your life and finances. It includes useful financial templates as well as a business start up kit to get you thinking about some of the major things that must be considered when contemplating starting a business.

Main features of the planner include the following:

1. Undated calendar - January 1 is not your day one. - You are in complete control of your "day one"! Make a choice to start today!

2. Business start up kit - Things you should consider before starting your business. Lets commit to being proactive and not reactive!

3. Budgets - Who said budgets were boring? They are definitely necessary both in your personal life and in your business. They are paramount to your success!

4. Vision Board - Where are you going without a vision? We all have a vision for our lives. It's common to dismiss our visions because of our reality. Don't make that mistake. It's a vision for a reason. No one ends up where they started. 


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