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Are you ready to

achieve your goals?

You need The Essential Planner!

Are you a woman who wants to achieve success in

business, finances and life in general?

Then The Essential Planner is the perfect planner for you! This holistic undated 12-month financial planner is perfect for entrepreneurs, encompassing personal and business tools.


Our unique approach to planning will change your life forever!

This goal-focused planner incorporates vision, finances, and spirituality, and includes:

· A Business Start Up Kit which provides you with key considerations for starting and scaling your business

· A Vision Board to help bridge your vision with your goals

· Budget spreadsheets and business tips to manage your finances, which impact every area of your life

· Bible scriptures and spiritual motivators to encourage you every step of the way

· Date pads to keep you organized in your day-to-day activities

· And more!


Created by a woman for women, the essential planner is ideal for the entrepreneur who desires focus, organization and structure in the important areas of their life.

Goal setting is foundational to your success in life and business. A mindset to achieve is founded on a plan.


Every success begins with a plan!


Your financial goals must align with your short and long-term goals!

Your goals are only dreams if they do not align straight across the board.

Think about where you want to be - Your decisions today impact your tomorrow in a major way.

Financial independence is not a myth - It's all within your reach; you just need a plan.

Saying 'no' is not a bad thing - It shows that you are in control.

No woman can achieve success in her lonesome.

We believe in a higher being and that our strength is not our own. As we go through life's trials and tribulations, we must find comfort in our source. The planner is equipped with some of our favorite scriptures as reminders that the journey will not be an easy one.

Begin building your legacy today!

The Essential Planner will help you on your journey to success and independence in every area of your life.